Tom Mullin
Tom MullinHead of Costs

Tel: 0151 245 7133

Tom is a Director and one of the founding members of KE Costs. He is the Head of Costs and has over 10 years of loyal service to the firm. During this period he has had a leading role in growing the company organically to the medium sized firm it is today.

He has worked tirelessly to build KE’s reputation within the industry and marshalled the firm through numerous transition periods surrounding costs budgeting, Precedent S and the ever-evolving costs industry.

Tom regularly assists with training and developing the staff at KE and also has close working relationships with law firms who have been instructing him for a number of years in all areas of civil and commercial litigation. He has dealt with an extensive list of high value and complex cases where the costs claimed are in in the millions, both on behalf of Paying and Receiving Parties.

Tom’s strengths include preparing Bill of Costs (including Precedent S), Points of Dispute/Reply, Costs Budgets (including Precedent H, Precedent R and Precedent T), budget negotiations and attending Costs Management Hearings.

In his spare time Tom spends his time with his two daughters (Sofia and Hattie) and socialising with family and friends. He is an active person who enjoys running, playing football, cycling to and from work and supports Everton Football Club (someone has to!)