Cost Budgeting

As of the 1st April 2013, Budgets have become a prerequisite in all Multi Track claims issued on or after this date (failure to file a Budget that is required will result in the acceptance of a Budget compromising of Court fees only).

CPR 3.18 States: “In any case where a costs management order has been made, when assessing costs on the standard basis, the court will –

  • (a) have regard to the receiving party’s last approved or agreed budget for each phase of the proceedings; and
  • (b) not depart from such approved or agreed budget unless satisfied that there is good reason to do so.”

As is implied with this ruling it is imperative that the Budget is meticulously prepared to include a full and accurate costing of your file, not completed too early and strictly adhered to.

Our specialist team have a wealth of experience in multi-track cases to apply to the preparation of Budgets, which is vital in the estimation of your costs to be incurred.


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